Hollywood Ruby



released June 21, 2011
Her name was Ruby
she had dreams of being in movies
Moved to hollywood but not knowing truly
if she'd make it
heard directors wanted you to get naked
if you want the part
if that's the case she wouldn't take it
Won't do that to get casted
because she had too much talent
matched with all the beauty and brains to back it
she looked like Dorothy Dandridge
in fact that was her idol
ever since a child caught up in that vicious cycle
see she grew up in foster care
because ain't nobody care
always thinking of ways to get up outta there
ain't nobody adopt her
so she figured that the only way she would prosper
is by chasing an oscar
she auditioned for plays
early age, she amazed
captivating best describes her presence on stage
she could dance and sing
so at the age of seventeen
she dropped everything
then started chasing her dreams
in L.A. two years later
she's working as a waitress
thinking to herself
'I can't wait to escape this'
one day one of the patrons
notices her like "hey, miss...you're drop dead gorgeous
and I can make you famous"
Bruce the producer
did his best to seduce her
said he'd introduce her
to a life she ain't used to
at first she refused to acknowledge his advances
but he knew he had her because they kept exchanging glances
he said "take a chance, kid"
she landed her first gig
Bruce became her lover
but her bubble was bursted
she heard he offered all the starlets
the promise of tomorrow
finding actresses and models
that's drowning in their sorrows
she ain't wanna believe it
right in her face...she ain't see it
either way she knew that she could never leave him
because she signed the dotted line
like "darlin', now you're mine"
she only did it because she was desperate
at the time
acted like things were fine
because her star was on the rise
yeah, she's rich and famous
but now she's dead inside
to her surprise she finds a bun in the over
debating on abortion
because she knows Bruce won't love it
When she told him
he let her know that she don't own him
broke up with her like 'yo...you're on your own, then'
she still had one more film
under her contract
she had to honor that
so everyday she was on the set
the final day of shooting
ends in total mass confusion
Ruby lying in a pool of blood
but it was no illusion
see, the final scene was murder
but not like it was scripted
Ruby died but the bullet
missed the baby by inches
everybody knew who did
even though there was no witness
it was in everyone's interest
just to mind their damn business
instead of blanks
there were real shells in the shotgun
Bruce named the baby Ruby
and put her up for adoption
ain't nobody adopt her
so she figured that the only way she could prosper
is by chasing an oscar



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M.C. LOGIC Fairfax

S2M’s M.C. LOGIC is a thought-provoking and introspective lyricist, representing the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). His name and reputation stem from his ability to share a simple concept, but deliver it in a manner that causes the mind to brew around its meaning and purpose.
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