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If you’ve been an enthusiastic guest of the hip hop concert series, “The Sunshine Sound System”, paused to admire an animated stage performance at the George Mason University campus, or watched the live stream feed from S2M’s sensational showcases, you may have witnessed sneak peak material of the new album, “Personal Legend” by M.C. LOGIC. If following long before the S2M merger, you may have caught the M.C. LOGIC contagion with previous albums such as, “The Dharma Initiative Mixtape, M.C. LOGIC’s Utopia, Rhapsody, Course Correction or Merlot Music”.

Despite previously creating a vast list of quality material to fill an mp3 player, M.C. LOGIC confidently accredits “Personal Legend” as the best album he has ever composed. During review at a recent focus group, admiring outbursts of, “Masterpiece, Classic, and Dope!” became regular responses to describe the overall feel of “Personal Legend”.

On July 1, 2014, the people’s hero, M.C. LOGIC will be releasing “Personal Legend” which features classic boom bap beats by Dublohskytzo, smooth, soulful R&B hooks by Brenda Campbell, and exceptional lyricism by Matta Fact, Xander Johnson, and Brotha Soul. This album will lure you with its catchy-fun singles, love dedications, storytelling, and relativity to your everyday life. M.C. LOGIC has flawlessly painted an authentic illustration of the regular guy who strenuously works to provide, struggle, withstand, and push through real life challenges, to reach a height of success he has only dreamt of, driven by passion and an abiding love of hip hop music. Undoubtedly, “Personal Legend” by M.C. LOGIC is as it is implied, a work of genius.


released July 1, 2014

Produced entirely by Dublohskytzo
Featuring: Matta Fact, Xander Johnson, BrothaSouL, Brenda Campbell, and DJ John Jazz



all rights reserved


M.C. LOGIC Fairfax

S2M’s M.C. LOGIC is a thought-provoking and introspective lyricist, representing the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). His name and reputation stem from his ability to share a simple concept, but deliver it in a manner that causes the mind to brew around its meaning and purpose.
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Track Name: The Listener
Verse 1
It’s a quarter to midnight
I’m smokin’ on get right
I’m thinkin’ bout shit like
I’m so sick of this life
I mean I aint complainin’
Yeah joe I’m maintainin’
But still stayin’ stagnant man things aint changin’
I start gettin’ lazy end up wait gainin’
But now I’m in the gym every other day trainin’
Try’na get in shape
Get ready for the way in
Make songs that’s bangin’
Just for yall entertainment
This is night music
What chu gon do with your life music
Some inspirational
It’s gon be aight music
Encouraging words
Tellin’ you to fight through it
You know that I always come through with the fly new shit
I wrote this in my Fusion
Usually write it in my journal
Hope I don’t tarnish my legacy like Coach Joe Paterno
I wanna live eternal and pray the world remember me
So allow me to say thank you for listening

Hook: Repeat 2x
Listen up I wrote this specifically for listeners
Slave to the rhythm so you kinda like a prisoner
The music set you free when you listen to me
I said the music set you free when you listen to me

Verse 2
When I write a rhyme I try to keep the listener in mind
Also do it for myself at the same damn time
It’s a challenge to balance
But you know I rock steady
Worlds weighed on my shoulder
God damn this rock heavy
Rhymes I got plenty
That’s why God sent me
Paint pictures with words
Sometimes it’s not pretty
But it engages forcin’ you to rock with me
I aint a pioneer but I’ll make the top 50
Possibly, I don’t know
I can’t predict the future
So I’ma keep makin’ music on my computer
Mix it down and distribute it to the masses
It might take a couple listens before you grasp it


I been listenin’
Ever since my Christenin’ in Michigan
Chillin on the porch with my cousins and my sister and nem
Kick snares melodies
Skytzo just blends it in
Words fit the beat perfect like I was kin to him
If I gave the minimum yall wouldn’t give a damn
That’s why when I make a jam
LOGIC go ham
I always knew that I would be a musician
I got the talent now
I just need you to listen

Hook: Repeat 3xs
Track Name: Free Skate (feat. Xander Johnson and MATTA FACT
Free Skate!